You Can Do ANYTHING !!

Listen guys you can do absolutely anything you want in life. You have to take leaps of faith in yourself!

We have officially been With The Art Factory of White Mills for two years now!!

Not only as one of their artists who display art and merchandise but who also teaches Watercolor Classes every Second Sunday of the month !!!

We have also expanded our classes to now also be at Breathless Raw Live Juice Bar in Milford PA the last Sunday of each month !

Our talents are limitless and I encourage you to expand your horizon and do everything and anything you dream of.

I would not be here

if it weren’t for my very amazing supportive family !!!! Thank you all for encouraging , loving and supporting all

my journeys. I am truly never alone with you all

beside me !!!

Create Through Your Emotions and Let your hearts feelings flow …..

DawnMarie ~~~Assata

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