The Swahili word for Cooperation is Ushirikiano.

We are once again collaborating, cooperating and uniting with D’Original Reverence to manifest a new creation titled “Ushirikiano”

“Ushirikiano” has been a work in progress for well over a year now, and it is one that channels our own emotions, our challenges and those of the world as we all struggle to navigate and overcome these unprecedented times.

There is a pure joy with a heart full of love and satisfaction when our two talents are merged into one! The love that Is translated and expressed onto our canvas is captured forever in the painting and will be carried with it to everywhere it may travel from beyond the love studio.

When I sit and really think about that alone it fills my heart with so much joy.

This particular oil painting “Ushirikiano” is dedicated to women who in every day life push through the obstacles and carry on in sisterhood, motherhood, at work, at home and with the responsibilities of being women.

Many of us have lost the tribe and the village that was once there to help raise us and by extension our families and communities together in Ushirikiano!!!!

Let us strive to regain and practice the traditions and teachings lost, and once again become a united community of sisters.

Let us begin the healing, let us begin “Ushirikiano”.

The final creation shall soon be revealed so please stay tuned !!!

Our sincere love and blessings

DawnMarie~~~ Assata

D’Original Reverence

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